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Hey everyone,

I wanted to post a short note saying goodbye as I’m moving on from my post as the editor of Better Programming.

As you may be aware, my wife and I welcomed a daughter in late January and Anupam Chugh took over as the interim editor while I took paternity leave. I fully intended to come back but — as overused as it is — having a kid really does bring on a new mindset and a new outlook on life.

Through many sleepless nights, I started asking myself a lot of hard questions, mainly, where did I…

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Yesterday I got the first of two doses of the COVID vaccine. Pfizer, if you must know.

I got my vaccine the same place I went to my junior prom, which is a weird place for two big-ish life events to both happen.

As the needle stuck out of my left shoulder, I got emotional thinking about the prior year: the anticipation of COVID coming to America, educating our older family members that this was real and coming, outfitting them with N95 masks, living through the worst of the first wave in Brooklyn, the horrendously botched response to it and…

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Hey everyone,

This is going to be my last newsletter for a few weeks as I’ll be taking paternity leave Monday to spend some time with our new forthcoming family member!

Fear not, dear reader, you’re in great hands. This week I wrote an introduction post to our interim editor, long-time Better Programming writer, Anupam Chugh. Please give him a big welcome!

Without further ado, here are the best articles we published this week:


  1. What’s New in Node.js 15 by Jennifer Fu — Leading us off this week is Jennifer Fu, talking about what’s new in Node 15, new features…

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to share some exciting news and a change for the next few weeks on Better Programming. My wife and I are expecting our first child very soon so I’ll be taking paternity leave starting Monday, January 18th.

Long-time Better Programming contributor Anupam Chugh will be taking my place, managing the day-to-day editorial duties, and making sure that we continue to publish great content!

From your perspective as a reader, not much should change. Just sharing some exciting news all around.

Please give Anupam a big welcome!

Zack Shapiro
Editor of Better Programming

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Hey everyone, happy new year!

We hope you had some relaxing time to end the year, maybe a few nice 4-day weekends spent exactly how you planned to. If you’re already in full new year-gear or easing into 2021, we’ve got some of our best stories from the last 3 weeks below sure to inspire your programming journey this year.


  1. JavaScript ES2021 Features With Simple Examples by Carlos Caballero — Kicking things off, Carlos gives us a look at what’s new in ES2021 like weakRefs, String.prototype.replaceAll, and more.
  2. 6 Front-End Coding Ideas That Will Get You Fired Up to Code

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Hey everyone! Happy Holidays!

50 weeks down this year. The last full work week before Christmas and New Years for many. In what’s been a turbulent year, filled with challenging times, I hope you and your family are doing well and are able to enjoy a holiday together in some way, in person or virtually.

On behalf of the team at Better Programming, we’ve very grateful for the time you spend reading, learning, and writing with us.

If you’re spending some personal time in the next few weeks doing projects, here are some of our most-read stories that can hopefully…

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Hey everyone, I hope you had a good week.

We’re trying something a little different on our newsletter this week. These are a combination of the best-performing articles this week and a few of my personal favorites sprinkled in. I wanted to introduce some new faces and their work in this week’s newsletter.

Here are 16 stories we loved this week:

  1. These Modern Programming Languages Will Make You Suffer by Ilya Suzdalnitski — Ilya wrote our most-read article this month, with a deep dive on (some pros and) mostly the cons of the programming languages we all use and love…

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Hi everyone,

I hope your week was full of deep work, not too many meetings, and hopefully not doing too much tech support for your family post-Thanksgiving 😃

Our most-read articles this week are a veritable treasure trove of learning, lessons, and resources so let’s dive right in:

  1. 4 Python Concepts That Beginners May Be Confused About by Yong Cui, Ph.D. — This week Yong is teaching us about virtual environments, string interpolation, lazy evaluation, and comprehensions, all things that can help us step up our Python game just a little bit more!
  2. 4 Advanced Tricks With Python Functions You…

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Hey everyone,

I hope you had a nice week. This week was Thanksgiving here in the US. I took some time off yesterday to relax and have a Zoom Thanksgiving dinner with my family from around the country.

We’ve got some great stories for you this week so without further ado, here are the best articles from Better Programming this week:

1. A Curated List of 57 Amazing GitHub Repositories for Every Python Developer by Angelica Dietzel — Angelica making her debut on this newsletter this week in a big way with the top spot. Everyone loves lists of helpful…

Zack Shapiro

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